Five Ways to Lighten up your Rooms

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Along with the interior design choices, like furniture and their respective arrangements, lighting also plays an integral part in setting a mood for the room. It can either unify the room and lifts its energy or bring down the energy of an otherwise fabulously designed room. If a living space does not have enough natural light sources, windows, etc. it might seem a little dark to the observer and looks like a cave. 

You can brighten up your room by using different design techniques without adding much to your electricity cost. Here are a few design tricks to improve lighting in a living space. Here are some of these techniques to brighten up your living space.

Use white

Brightening a dark space can be a little intimidating but this simple technique will do wonders to your living space. Consider adding white elements to your place, as white absorbs minimum light it can easily redirect the light back to the other surfaces. Start with white curtains, furniture, and bedding, etc. and you can expand white on to the walls as well. 

Update your lights

You can choose different and cooler tones for your lights such as “daylight” color tones. Yellow and warmer color tones create a warm and intimate atmosphere. But if you don’t want a warm tone you can also use white bulbs for cooler and fresher looks. Removing shades from the fixtures and lamps will provide you with more unblocked light instead of concentrated light to only one point.


Dark hardwood depresses the overall brightness of the room and drains a lot of light, especially in the rooms without windows. Lighter toned runner rugs can break up this sort of flooring and give you some richness and airiness. Try and avoid white rugs and go for more off whites and light grey tones as the white rugs magnify even specks of dirt. You can also consider Mexican or Moroccan style rugs as their bright colors can give your room more diversity and add a little cultural element to the room.

Use lighter-toned wood

Including some pale or blonde wood elements in your room can brighten up the theme of your room without much effort. You can use lighter wood for the headboards of the bed, side table, and frames. Using plants can also soften up the room without any new light fixtures. You can also consider to paint the wooden dressers and small tables to lighter tones and improve the radiance of the room.

Hang large mirrors

Lighting in a room is not necessarily related to the number of lights or quality of light, although they play a strong part. Another way to improve brightness is to the strategic placement of furniture and the addition of mirrors. Mirrors not only reflect the light inside but also give an illusion of depth to the room and the room appears larger. Hanging a mirror opposite a window also helps the light bounce.