Loft Fridays-Week 6

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Tiny Home Loft

Welcome to week 6 of our “Lofty Fridays”….We hope everyone has had a fabulous week!

Today we decided to do a spin off from our previous lofts and feature this “Tiny home.” Tiny homes are definitely trending and people are moving away from the traditional larger homes that require so much more upkeep and expense. We are in the age where people are wanting to simplify their life and pair down. I’d have to say I’m one of those people and recently downsized majorly and perhaps one day I too will consider living in a Tiny home.

So here we have this super space saving loft with the kitchen below it. I have looked at and watched many a tiny home shows and rarely see this kind of configuration where the kitchen was directly under the loft space. So that being said lets critique this space!

What we Loved

So first of all we think the designer did a great job with thinking outside the box by placing the kitchen beneath the loft. We love all the storage in the stair well that can store pots and pans, dishes and food stuff, all within an easy reach. The glass knobs are a great little touch. We like that everything was kept light and could really help to give the illusion of a larger space. The rustic beams as well as the iron rails gives this space a modern Industrial feel to this loft. The stainless steel bar area ties in great with the stainless steel appliances and and loft rails. We love the white wooden panels used throughout which blends seamlessly with the white subway tiles. There is ample windows to bring in the much needed light to a tiny space. The kitchen is also a quick easy reach with the relaxing loft area.

What we didn’t love

So while we loved so much about this Tiny Home. Here are a few things we didn’t like so much. Not seeing the rest of this tiny space makes it a little difficult to critique this space without seeing how the rest of this home was designed such as bedroom, living space and bathroom. Usually the loft space is used as a bedroom in most tiny homes so we thought having the kitchen directly below may not be the best idea. Well lets say that depends on how many people live in this space. I for one hate the smell of food inside a home so having the kitchen directly above my sleeping quarters would definitely be an annoyance for me. Bit thats just me, this may not be an issue for most however. The knobs on the stair well we thought might be hazardous and perhaps “if you’re clumsy like I am” then might not be such a great idea. Maybe an indented type configuration would work better. We didn’t care so much for the wrap around rails in the loft area as we think this cuts into floor space. It also looks like this loft area is being used as a tv room rather than a bedroom, which again we don’t know how many people are living in this space but we would have definitely liked to see it as a sleeping space.

So there you have it! Thanks for joining us for another week blog post on our “lofty Fridays”. As usual email us and let us know your thoughts on this space. See you next week!