Lofty Friday’s Week 2

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Hello everyone and welcome to week 2 of our “lofty Fridays“.

As usual we went about scouting the internet for unique lofts and found this modern loft. So here again we will share with you what we love and what we didn’t love so much.

What We Loved

We love the modern feel of this loft, quite a contrast to the previous week yet they share a few similar elements.The concrete walls gives this space an industrial feel along with the pendants used in the kitchen and throughout the space. We love the way the kitchen is nestled just below what appears to be either a bedroom or just a cozy area to just relax. Hard to say as not much is shown of it. Everything is kept light and bright in the choice of the white painted walls and the white rectangular kitchen tiles are clean and very simple. We really liked the use of the lighter wood used on the island, which ties in with the gold pendant over the island. the stools are backless which we thought is in keeping with a modern design simple clean lines. The red accent console is such a unique piece which seems to be the focal point to this loft. The reds in the paintings ties in really well with this piece. Everything in this space is not fussy just very simple and minimalist. Clearly the owners of this loft loves music which can be seen in the art work and a few accessories. The sky light does its job of keeping this space light and bright.

What We Didn’t Love

So while we loved most of everything in this space there a few things we thought the designer could have done differently. So here goes…It is very trendy today to mix metals and we get that and done properly can really add interest to a space. In this loft we didn’t think the lighting worked with its use of different metals. Perhaps the gold pendant would have looked more cohesive place as the middle fixture? Also the rest of the lighting throughout the space just seemed to us very missed matched. Almost as if they just threw whatever lighting they found together in the space. Maybe that was purposeful? who knows but we still thought the designer could have done a better job at that. Another thing we found out of place was the sofa. Everything else in this space has that clean lined modern feel yet the sofa (what we can see of it) looks more fitting in a traditional home with its plush elements. Perhaps a modern leather white couch would have been more fitting in this space and would tie nicely in with the bars stools and the accent table. We didn’t love so much that there were three tables used together and just feels like too much happening in the space. Having a few key pieces would have really finished off this swanky little modern loft.

So there you have it. Tell us what you think, what you loved and what you didn’t love so much. We look forward to next week when we find another loft for our “Lofty Fridays”.

Cheers and until next week.