Lofty Fridays -Week 3

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It’s that time again and welcome to another week on our lofty Friday’s!

We found this gorgeous Downtown loft this week and we are in “LOVE!!!” …This week we are going to just talk about what we love about this loft and will not be critiquing it, after all what is there to critique we thought.

The overall mood of this swanky dining space is darker muted tones, monochromatic and very Industrial Style. While the space has been designed with darker tones, all the massive windows sure makes up for it and floods the space with lots of light so the designer had ample room to play with using darker tones.

All the iron work and straight lines used in the space evokes a masculine feeling yet there is a sense of softness added with the drapery and curved lines in the period dining chairs, curved stair well and the Industrial Style pendant lamp over the dining table.

Can we say we just love that the designer used a combination of different  period chairs yet they still work together cohesively with the Industrial Style dining table. The furniture in the space has been kept very simple and uncluttered. Even the accessories are minimal and really finishes this unique loft.

We love the brick feature wall in this space and really like that the designer kept the bricks a lighter tone to further brighten the space. The concrete floors is also a mix of lighter and medium tones.

The gorgeous dining loft space we thought would be very fitting for a bachelor or an urban couple.

We certainly wish we could have seen more of the space and wondered what the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms would look like. But by what we see we know it is most likely just as gorgeous!

Well that bring us to the end of week 3 of our “lofty Fridays and certainly hope you enjoyed drooling over this Gorgeous down town loft as we did.

What are your thoughts? Tell us what you think.