Lofty Fridays-Week 4

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Hello everyone and welcome to another week of our “Lofty Friday’s!” 

Today we are so thrilled to share with you a super awesome and unique loft we came across. This is definitely not the typical loft you see often. This one has almost a beachy traditional feel and we are just loving so much about this unique space!

What we loved

So as usual we are going to talk about first what we love about this loft!… Lets just say we absolutely LOVE the stair design which is very much the focal point of this beachy loft space. We really like how the rails are done in a geometrical design and the rod iron used was carried through on the stairs making the stair well so unique. The earth toned flagstone really ties in well with the railing and stairs. We love that everything has been kept clean lined and simple with muted tones throughout the space. There is definitely nothing fussy about this loft yet it still really stands out with a few key design elements. Overall the designer did an amazing job with the design.

What we didn’t love

So while we absolutely loved most of everything in this gorgeous loft, of course we have to tell you what we didn’t love so much….The thing that stood out the most was the absence of some color in this space. We really thought adding some key accessories with some color could really finish this space giving it more of a homey feel. A few more art pieces as well could have been used and perhaps a rug of some sort under the couched and perhaps some floral or patterned throw pillows on the coach. The loft are above seem incomplete with just a storage unit of some sort and a covered piece of furniture we assume might be a piano….Having a properly designed music or reading room would really wow the space further and perhaps some curtains would really soften up this gorgeous loft.

Well there you have it. You read we we loved and didn’t love. What are your thoughts? Would this be your style? we’d love to hear from you.

Until next week! Happy Friday Everyone!