Lofty Fridays -Week 7

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Lofty Fridays-Week 7
Lofty Fridays-Week 7


Hello and welcome to week 7 of our “Lofty Fridays“…We are a little late on our post but we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

As usual we went about scouring the web to find yet another unique loft. So let’s get right into it and talk about what we love and don’t love about this loft.

Everything about this loft gives you that happy vibe. Bright, cheery, modern and simply gorgeous. Can you imagine yourself living in this space with all the lights flooding in from the ample windows and the glass enclosed green house in the loft area? Well we sure could! There is just something so serene and peaceful with the added greenhouse. Imagine sipping on a morning coffee or latte in the morning or having a nice evening cocktail or glass of wine. Smelling the freshness of the air and enjoying the sunlight flooding in. Or imagine a quaint family or friend gathering in the dining space just below the loft. What memories could be created in this gorgeous loft! Too many to contemplate. Simply BEAUTIFUL with great aesthetic and gorgeously designed.

Is there anything we don’t love about this space? For the first time we have to say a big NO. We think this loft is absolutely perfect in every way. We tried hard to critique one thing about this modern haven and could find nothing. We’ll just move right in! Who wouldn’t?!

Tell us what you think on this unique green house loft. We would love to hear from you

Well thanks again for joining us and baring with us for being a tad late. Join us again next week as we bring to you another amazing Loft!