Lofty Fridays- Week 8

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Lofty Fridays-Week 8

One of my favourite things to do, something I would choose over a night out any day, is cozying up by a warm, crisp fire, with a glass of white wine in my hand, some slow jazz music playing in the background, soft snowflakes sprinkling outside my window, and the liberty of being enraptured in a good book with nobody to disturb me. As I look at this picture, I envision myself doing exactly that. 

This living room encapsulates where the industrial, the rustic, and the modern designs merge together. The hybrid of the industrial, rustic, and modern design contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere that beckons you to curl up by the fireplace and daydream. 

The first aspect of this living room I will describe is the industrial elements. We can first observe the high, vaulted ceilings. This space wouldn’t have the same vibe if the ceilings were lower. The benefit of high ceilings is that it makes the space more open and inviting. It avoids the fatal mistake of making the living room feel cluttered or closed off in any way. In the background as well, you will notice the exposed metal stairs. What I love about this is that it contrasts with the wooden material in this living room. The metal and the wood create a balance. If everything in this living room were metal, it would create a cold, stark, barren atmosphere. Another industrial element is the brick walls. It gives the living room a unique look, rather than the conventional, plain painted walls. Against the fireplace, it gives the room character, history, and a distinctive look. 

The next aspect is the rustic elements. The incorporation of wood in this architectural design also evokes a warm, comfortable feeling. The wooden accents of the roof, walls, and doors give the living room a cabin-like aura that one would expect to find in the mountains. As aforementioned, the wood and metal material create a balance. The coffee tables exemplify this. The coffee tables made of wire would normally be too harsh, but the wood tops soften this effect and invites one to make them a useful part of your relaxation. 

Finally, the beauty of the modern features in this living room is that it unites the industrial and rustic elements in perfect harmony. The purpose of the contemporary furniture is to neutralize any cold emotions the industrial elements may have evoked. Together with the rustic elements it creates a feeling of warmth. The light colored, fluffy cushions invite one to sink into their depths and snuggle up after having read a good book. 

As you read these descriptions, visualize yourself in this beautiful space. Dream and relax and experience the overwhelming peace and joy and comfort in being in a place of heavenly idyll.