Lofty Friday’s Week 1

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Hello and welcome to our “lofty Friday’s”.

We found this modern industrial loft and would like to share our thoughts on this space.


We love the clean modern yet homey rustic feel to this loft. The designer did a great job in really keeping with the industrial theme of this home. The furniture chosen has the standard pipe fittings iron work which is so staple to industrial design as well as the reclaimed wood also incorporated. We really love the light flooding through the massive window which also has the pipe fittings encasing the window. Most everything in this space really works and have been really thought out down to the concrete floors and the Edson Chandelier which really adds a unique touch. We love that all the wood in this home has been kept to the lighter tones. The loft sleeping quarters is such a unique touch and while quite small still works as the space is so open anyway that a larger bedroom may not be required. The office space below it is to die for with its glass doors to let in some light! There is certainly no wasted space in this gorgeous light filled airy loft.


So while we absolutely just love love this modern industrial loft. Here are a few things we didn’t really love. While the designer did a great job in incorporating all the pipe fittings that is staple to industrial design, we didn’t care too much that it was used excessively throughout the space. Maybe using softer furnishings such as in the sofa would have really helped to soften the space. Maybe adding some color as well would have helped to brighten up the space further. We thought adding some drapery would be a great touch and perhaps a rug even under the furniture in the living space. ¬†Other than those few things we thought the designer did an amazing job in the design of this space. Living here would be a dream!

All in all what a beautifully designed loft!

So there you have it! This is just our thoughts on this beautifully designed loft! We would love to hear your thoughts on this space. Feel free to comment below. We look forward to find more beautiful lofts for our “LOFTY FRIDAYS!

See you next Friday!