Quirky Interior Mondays- Week 3

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Welcome to another week of our Quirky Interior Mondays! It was a public holiday for us yesterday so we are a little late on this weeks post but better late than never and we wouldn’t miss it for anything to find the best quirky interiors to share with you every week. So that said, lets delve right into our thoughts on this  breathtaking modern living space.

Imagine yourself in this breathtaking modern loft with a gorgeous ocean view at your door step. I personally love the ocean so for me this would be a dream. So this week lets get into critiquing this space.

What we Love

We  love the garage style patio door that opens upward rather than the typical sliding/folding doors giving this space a bit of an industrial style. We also love the exposed brick walls the concrete floors and the bright use of colors which really helps this space to pop. Nothing needs to be over the top as the ocean view is clearly the focal point here and even when closed the massive glass door still allows light in as well as the view. The furniture in the space is simple and not over the top.

What We Don’t Love

While we think this space is overall fabulous, here is what we didn’t love too much. For one we think in general this space looked like someone took a big warehouse and plunked it by the ocean, added some furniture and thats about it. This living room we feel could really use some personality and a bit more interest to make it “WOW”…We understand the take that everything is kept to the point and simple to not take away from the view but certainly the designer could have added more. We thought even a few complimentary art pieces would have been a nice touch. A rug to soften the concrete floors and everything not being so exposed. We can’t see too much of the rest of the space to determine how everything flowed but all in all a few added touches would have really completed this living room.

So there you have it, we hope everyone enjoyed this weeks Quirky Interior. Tell us your thoughts on this space. what would you do differently or would you leave it as is? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, thank you for joining us!