Quirky Interior Mondays -Week 4

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Welcome again to another week of our Quirky Interior Mondays.

Today we found this super interesting bedroom with the rain shower standing smack in the middle of the bedroom. We aren’t too sure what we think of it, but here is our thoughts on the overall design.

What we love

We really love the openness of this bedroom. We also love the modern design in this space with its cool calm serene feel. Everything is in an “arm” reach so to speak. You simply roll out of bed, jump in the shower, then right next to the shower is the closet, so everything is nearby making life quick and easy. It also appears that the wall behind the bed might be glass, hard to say but judging from the reflection it sure looks that way which we thought is a cool little touch. We aren’t sure what the floors are but like the walls and most of everything in this space it has a translucent look. It almost feels like you are in a glass bubble so to speak. We love the platform bed with the floating shelves above it. Your books within arms reach. The dark wood used in the closet space, bookshelves and bathroom vanity adds good repetition.

What we didn’t love

So while we think the space is super interesting and cool, here are a few things we didn’t really care for. We think the rain shower being in the middle of the room is cool but definitely may not be the most practical for some. Most people we think would want some privacy. Maybe not all the time but at times. We thought the dark wood used in the closet space  somewhat gave the feel of a more traditional space. Ww would have perhaps like to see some lighter wood used. We also notice there is no art work anywhere, which might be because of the shower being the focal point but still would have liked to see some art pieces added.

So that brings us to the end of another Quirky Interior Mondays. Tell us what you think of this Quirky bedroom. Would you want a bedroom like this? Would the shower being so open bother you?

Until next time, have a great week everyone!