Quirky Interior Mondays-Week 6

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Welcome to week 6 of our “quirky Interior Mondays”….Today we found this super swanky and unique living/dining space!

So as usually lets chat and critique this super cool space.

What We Love

This space looks like something converted from some kind of underground parking space or perhaps the basement of a historic building. Judging from the reflection on the floor, there appears to be windows so not just a “concrete jungle.” We love the exposed brick walls throughout as well as the refinished concrete floors. The mix of modern and industrial definitely works. The modern lighter furniture such as the dining chairs and sofa really helps to lighten up the space. Everything has been kept quite light and uncluttered and this is what we thought worked so well. The unique wood dining table and carved wood piece gives this space a unique touch and the steel drum chandelier works really well over the dining table. All in all the designer did a great job in transforming this space!

What We didn’t Love

So while loved so much about this unique pad. Here is what we didn’t care for. Though the designer added some great pieces, we thought the space was lacking a wow factor/focal point. We thought it looked more of a warehouse storying some great pieces of furniture but no real personality. We would have loved to see some accessorizing as well something to soften up the space. Maybe more art work and perhaps a rug to define and separate the living space from the dining area. Overall we thought this space could really do with some more personality.


Tell us what you think. What would you do different? We would love to hear from you. Until next week, thanks for reading our blog!