Quirky Interior Mondays

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Welcome to our QUIRKY MONDAYS everyone!

Seeing that Mondays seem to be the usual blah of the week when everyone returns to work. We thought we’d share some interesting quirky interiors to brighten up your Mondays.

After scouting the web for a bit we found this interesting powder room space! Who would have thought to come up with this we wondered? Imagine you unexpectedly walk into this modern powder room space and freak right out when you feel you are about to fall 10 feet down this rabbit hole only to realize you are standing on a glass enclosed floor. But lets get real we thought this was such a great way to add interest and the unexpected and perhaps even a great conversation starter for guests.

Imagine never feeling bored again when you go to do your business in this bathroom. You whip out your book or magazine and imagine yourself ontop of the world and your tempted to spend longer than you usually do.

On the flip side the fear would be, “what if something is dropped on the floor and the glass shatters. Is the glass shatter free? All the scenarios is running through your head now as you sit on the toilet pondering the what if’s. You quickly close your magazine, do a quick flush, wash your hands and get out of there! Or is this just a “Jokes on You” illusion and this is just a mirrored floor reflecting off the ceiling? Hard to say but we think this is simply an ingenious fun and unexpected twist on designing this powder room!

All in all we give props to whoever came up with this quirky powder room design. This is definitely not something you see everyday and such a great quirky design idea. The floor is certainly the focal point to this space while everything else is kept simple with its ultra modern feel.

Tell us what you think on this twist to a powder room. Would you want this in your home? Leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

Cheers and see you next Monday for another QUIRKY interior space.